Partnering music creation & music technology enterprises to generate opportunities for talent

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SoundHive Leicester is a Community Interest Company formed in 2021, built to create opportunities for talent in the music and music technology industries. 



Chris is an Artist, Producer & Songwriter with a wealth of experience in touring and making records. 
In late 2020 he was looking for space to put together an artist development studio in Leicester. 

After seeing the lack of available space and support systems for musicians he began the journey to build the concept for SoundHive.


Ali is a true champion of arts organisations in the city. She is Chair of Phoenix, and she serves on several other arts organisation boards in Leicester.

Ali brings a wealth of experience in managing creative projects to produce practical, measurable results.

SoundHive’s programmes and activities are designed to rapidly form, and grow the city’s relevance in the global music industry.

Music Tech Startup Accelerator

Focusing on arts & music industry-related technology solutions, we will rapidly grow young companies working in this sector.
A managed startup programme helps to create an employment boom of higher-paid roles within cities.

This helps us to attract & retain talent to the city & create a more prosperous community.

Immersive Audio

Immersive audio is a 360° listening experience - popular amongst music consumers thanks to the partnership between Dolby & Apple.

We have a unique opportunity to work with the biggest labels in the world, which would create a huge boom in employment for audio engineers, and raise the global profile of the city as experts in emerging audio technology.

Songwriter Development

Writers interested in improving their craft, growing their catalogues, and exploiting their work will have a support system to enable their rapid development through better studio tools, a collaborative community and opportunities to thrive.

Collectively we can develop amazing libraries of music and actively pitch to a network of buyers - helping to create lasting careers in music.

Livestream Innovation

Brexit has massively impacted UK artists' ability to tour throughout the EU and internationally at a time when the arts industries have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

It's the perfect time to invest in innovation - enabling artists to reach global audiences through live-streamed shows. We'll monetize this with incredible, interactive audience experiences.

Producer Academy

Aimed at 18 - 25 year olds: We place promising young producers in a professional studio environment to receive an accelerated apprenticeship.

Working with experienced engineers or producers and working musicians, we'll rapidly improve their skills, then give them the chance to run their own sessions - going it alone.

Artist Catalogue Development

Content is king when it comes to audiences. Artists finding success need to release music constantly. DIY recording relies on production skills, good equipment and the space to make noise.

This helps artists build audience, engage fans with new release content & provides a huge boom in creative output from the city.

Community Hub

A closer-knit community of music-related creatives from all genres and social backgrounds. Actively aiding cross-genre collaborations, networking, friendship, development of scenes, and education events

This will improve attitudes between individuals from different backgrounds and enable a community of Knowledge Transference.


Many businesses just need help to get started - space for music-related activities is very difficult to find, and expensive to lease whilst finding first regular customers. It's a problematic barrier to entry.

We hope to incubate businesses if they're good for the community or promising for the economy.

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We’re always interested in talking to businesses excited by creativity and innovation.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, or have any other questions then drop us a line.